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  17. "The City of Vaughan Considers Every Proposed Change Carefully"
  18. Horror films should be prohibited!
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  20. threat of muslim terrorists exaggerated
  21. Canada just passed the "Combating Terrorist Act"
  22. No Jobs in Toronto!
  23. Who should I vote for Mayor 2010?
  24. whats ur view about wicky licks
  25. Jan 8th Rally for a Public Inquiry into Police Actions During G20 Summit in Toronto
  26. What are the tricks in getting cheap auto insurance.
  27. Do you think the earthquake in Japan will hurt the us economy?
  28. please dont vote Conservative
  29. Who did you vote for?
  30. What do you think about the Zeitgeists movement?
  31. How Revenue ministry of Ontario is trying to sell the HST rip-off to Ontarians
  32. Should Canada legalize Medical marihuana ?
  33. The Sick Minds Of Homosexuality / Genital Mutilation Deception
  34. The Demise Of Religion In The 21st Century, Secondary Support
  35. Hollywood and The Pentagon working together to create war propaganda movies
  36. Cops React To Protest Signs Left In Front Of Toronto Police Stations, March 18th 2012
  37. Is christmas anything permitted in public schools?