View Full Version : How to Get Free General Directory of Australia?

15-05-2010, 04:18 AM

I have a website on Travel and i want to submit my website in Australian web directory.

I am searching in different search engines but i can't find a huge list of this directories.

Can any one tell me that from where i can get the best Australian directory list.


15-05-2010, 07:17 AM
Top 100 Free Directory List

The free general directories on this list have been certified SEO friendly via our strict criteria. At this point in time the Top 100 is largely in beta phase as we work behind the scenes to build in a more useful ranking system. So with that in mind we have chosen to rank the directories in the meantime predominantly by their age (i.e. the date they were added to the list). We feel this gives us a useful starting point in which to build other meaningful ranking scores into the system. Members will also be able to vote for each directory, with the votes influencing the ranking.

The Alexa Rank and PageRank, which are determined by Alexa and Google respectively will contribute very little to the actual ranking on the list and will be used to break deadlock rankings so that we have definite individual ranks for each directory. Thus you may see PR3 directories sitting above PR6 directories, and you may see 100,000 AlexaRank directories sitting above 50,000 AlexaRank directories.

If you are wondering why the free directories like DMOZ, BUBL and JoeAnt are excluded from this Top 100 list it is because they have established themselves as trusted resources in the industry after a number of years of stability and recognition and for that fact we have placed them on their own exclusive Trusted/Established list.

Please use the Report dropdown button alongside a directory to report any directories which are inaccessible, offline or no longer free. NB: You must be logged in as a member to use the reporting system.