View Full Version : What are the tricks in getting cheap auto insurance.

11-02-2011, 03:54 AM
Since in 2010 insurance companies have changed the law.
I am not really an expert in auto insurance law but when i renewed mine two months ago i ended up looking for addresses of my cousins that live in Barrie since i couldnt afford $460 a month for 3 minor tickets.

They have changed the rules since 2010 in so becareful when you sign those documents.
You dont have the same coverage as before inless you pay extra.
Ex. if you get in an accident they don't pay anymore for housekeeping, caregiver expenses.

My broker said "unless you really paralyzed they wont pay you a penny"
Ok fine i said they want to make it like in US, but why is the price still the same when the coverages are reduced????
She started laughing, and said "you are right it doesnt make sense but thats the way it is. They make the law in this country"

How is that fair ??

Share your opinions and experiences with auto insurance companies.

How much are you paying and what area do you live?