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Sweet Victory
23-01-2012, 03:26 PM
The Sick Minds Of Homosexuality / Genital Mutilation Deception

These people with mutilated genitalia are pretending to be something they are not in attempt to deceive heterosexuals (disrespecting heterosexuality) into thinking they are getting a real woman born with a vagina or an real man born with a penis. When these heterosexuals are tricked, homosexuals then attempt to make it the fault of the heterosexual for homosexuals with mutilated genitalia going this far out of their way to deceive heterosexuals thus take advantage in this most disgustingly deceptive of ways!

There are all of these other surgeries other than the genital mutilation to help them further deceive heterosexuals! Reverse Adams apple / face lifts / bone shaving / oestrogen or testosterone doses and yet homosexuals claim it is the fault of the heterosexual for being deceived. This is the kind of mentality that infuriates me with disgust! No consideration for anyone else that homosexuals go so far out of their way to deceive heterosexuals yet have the delusional brain to turn around and make it out to be heterosexuals fault that homosexuals go so far out of their way to deceive unsuspecting heterosexuals, who are heterosexuals in the first place which quite clearly means heterosexuals don't want to have homosexual sex or mutilated genital homosexual sex because we are heterosexuals!

This is disgusting and an outrage that any heterosexual be taken advantage of in such an offensively infuriating way for it is plain insanity and as a heterosexual activist that backs all of his claims on fundamental Canadian and global issues with non contestable fact, I'll continue to share the fact that these operations inevitably lead to unsuspecting heterosexuals sickly being taken advantage of in this most disgusting way. To top it off, do you all see the homosexual mentality I am now responding too, in my experience on this very issue I find that is what they do to try and justify their sick conduct by delusionally making it out to be the fault of specifically heterosexuals! It is not funny for any heterosexual to be subject to be taken advantage of in this way, It is not acceptable in any way shape or form!

If any so called heterosexual wants to have sex with a person with a mutilated genitalia of the same sex mutilated to look like the opposite sex, then that person is obviously not heterosexual to begin with because that person is either Homosexual or bi sexual. Heterosexuals only desire to have sex with other heterosexuals who have the genitalia they had since they were born / who have never had their genitalia surgically mutilated and that is what makes us heterosexuals!

If you were born with a penis, that is what makes a male, male. If you get that penis mutilated to look like a vagina, then you are still a man with a mutilated penis. Anyone who has sex with you is either a heterosexual you deceived in a most inexcusably disgusting traumatizing way, or that person is a homosexual / bi sexual that is aware of your genital mutilation. Again, heterosexuals are heterosexuals because we have sex with heterosexuals. If someone is looking to have sex with a homosexual of the same sex who has their genitalia mutilated to pretend to be the opposite sex then it makes that person looking to have sex with them bi sexual or homosexual once again! Here we have mentality / sexually insane abusing any kind of respect for heterosexuality!

To top this all off, That Canada's Government funds this sick nightmare / encourages unsuspecting heterosexuals to suffer this sickly deception just so some sexually / mentally messed up individual can continue with this conduct is completely insane!

Homosexuals go around expecting everyone to just accept them for being a homosexual and yet they can't accept it when someone claims to be heterosexual. They go way out of their way to try and deceive heterosexuals thus disrespect heterosexuality with having absolutely no regard then these homosexual mentalities then turn around and blame heterosexuals for being taken advantage of and cry hate crime every time their sickly actions come with repercussion.. (again they have genital mutilation, bone shaving, Adams apple reversal, face lifts etc. all just to deceive unsuspecting heterosexuals.) They try and degrade heterosexuals down to homosexuality through deception then have the nerve to whine hate crime when their deceptions catch up with them. Or attempt to manipulate the heterosexual while ignoring their deception towards the heterosexual in the equation in the first place!

That is what being homosexual is all about these days, whine and complain about homosexuality while going around crapping on heterosexuality and doing anything they possibly can think of in attempt to degrade heterosexuals!

News flash homosexuality doesn't even come close to equalling heterosexuality for the obvious reason that thanks to heterosexuality we even exist, and if it were up to homosexuality to sustain the population, we would have died off thousands of years ago for being a race of sexually defective imbeciles!

We obviously need some legislation preventing this from continuing to further disease our heterosexuals with homosexual deceptions thus ending such funding and criminalizing anyone who offers genital mutilation in Canada! There ought to be laws aimed towards those with mutilated genitalia to be charged severely for touching anyone in any intimate way without first making clear their genitalia was mutilated just so they could pretend to be something they never will be, the opposite sex. This will save many heterosexuals from such traumatizing humiliation, and perhaps lives and physical health of such sexually / mentally messed up individuals.

Why do jails encourage homosexuality yet prevent heterosexuality! Now that is plain sick discrimination that a homosexual can go to jail and continue practising their sexual defectiveness while heterosexuals really have to pay the price for being in jail! Talk about a free ride!


David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

Sweet Victory
26-01-2012, 07:00 PM
I was wonderting where this was, I thought I posted it in general ... well anyway good to see!

/ David