View Full Version : Sheeple Wanting to be Wolves Needed!!!

02-10-2009, 08:15 PM
I am searching all around Toronto for people who are sick of being a Sheeple and Slave of Society.

(for those who dont know a sheeple is a person who lives life ignorant of the world around him and will eventually never achieve anything in life worth notice, you may not think this is you, but oh so much that you dont know)

You are constantly working for other people making them more successful then you will ever be, you feel lost in life as if you have no purpose, but you think you might have what it takes to get rid of this life style and start new.

Shed the wool and grow some teeth, its time to become a wolf and gain some meaning and a sense of purpose.


-Dedicaded to Illuminating the Wolves of Society to serve the New World Order.