View Full Version : Does anyone want a free mobile website?

01-01-2010, 08:41 PM
Does anybody here on Toronto - Forums have a business website they wish was more mobile friendly?

ShrinkRay will make your website into a mobile application, and show it to the world, for FREE (

ShrinkRay ( is a powerful tool used to build mobile applications and interactive widgets. It's a Device Management System (DMS) and an application toolkit that can be customized to suit any business, phone system and wireless marketing goals. This friendly company works with their clients to ensure their application delivers all necessary functionality. ShrinkRay is easy to use.

Located at 220 King St W Toronto Ontario, Shrinkray is a well established mobile application development company that would like to make your business mobile by importing the most relevant parts of your website into an easy to use smart phone application.

Do you sell online? Do people come to your web business to get quotes? Or book appointments? or reserve tables? Or rent rooms or cars? Turn your ecommerce into 'mcommerce' with ShrinkRay mobile.

Here's the deal,

Write a note to and tell them who you are, what you do, and why your business would make a good case study. The team at ShrinkRay will reply to every single response and choose the five best submissions. The special offer comes with three months FREE hosting and lots of bonus traffic and LINKS as they talk about the tech development and then reference your mobile website as a great example - more information on ShrinkRay Blog (

Keep an eye on this thread. I will update and list the sites / businesses that have applied or were selected so you can visit them on your phone.