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  1. he was convicted in an american court and here is...

    he was convicted in an american court and here is a pictuire of his sister's facebook showing her mourning the death of Osama Bin Laden. the family are associates of islamict terrorists

    Supporters of the terrorist Omar Khadr disrupted a candlelight vigil in Toronto on September 11, organized to pay respect to the...
  3. Shobie Kapoor 9/11 Vigil At Omar Khadr Family Residence

    Shobie Kapoor is the organizer of the 911 vigil held at the Omar Khadr family residence in Toronto. Here she explains the purpose of the vigil.

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    Toronto-to-Vancouver flight
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    refuge from suburban life

    refuge from suburban life
  6. Taipei (TPE) to Tokyo (NRT) United Airlines Flight #838
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    Miami-to-Toronto flight
  8. Toronto Hydro: Downtown building boom strains system
  9. International Air Force training takes place in Ohakea

    North Islanders may notice more Air Force aircraft in the skies this week than usual.

    Air Force personnel from Australia, New Caledonia, Singapore and the US are in New Zealand for an...
  10. Hollywood and The Pentagon working together to create war propaganda movies

    Hollywood for years work with the Pentagon to create war propaganda movies


    Al Jazeera
  11. any arrests?

    any arrests?
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    condos are cheaper than houses

    condos are cheaper than houses
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    did you google it?

    did you google it?
  14. Evidence of press computer hacking

    Police investigating computer hacking by private investigators commissioned by British newspapers have uncovered evidence that emails sent and received by Gordon Brown while Chancellor of the...
  15. the previous liberal government in the 1990s and...

    the previous liberal government in the 1990s and early 2000s Ignore the problems and previous governments before that also ignore the problems
  16. Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia's third richest man, to challenge Putin

    Russia's third richest man has said that he would seek to challenge Vladimir Putin for the presidency, prompting speculation that the surprise move could be part of a Kremlin attempt to channel...
  17. will this be mandatory in the schools?

    will this be mandatory in the schools?
  18. Pressure mounts in Europe as finance ministers meet

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Euro zone finance ministers are to agree on Tuesday the details of bolstering their bailout fund to help prevent...
  19. ROC government tackles Taiwan’s low birth rate

    The number of newborns in Taiwan will see an increase from 160,000 in 2010 to 190,000 this year, the highest figure in recent years, ROC President Ma Ying-jeou said Nov. 19 at the country’s first...
  20. Italy's Mario Monti 'aims to stay until 2013 polls'
  21. Berlusconi teeters as Eurozone crisis deepens
  22. Mexican presidential favorite targets monopolies

    (Reuters) - The frontrunner to be Mexico's next president on Monday pledged to crack down on monopolies, boost the country's tax take and overhaul state-owned oil monopoly Pemex if he wins a 2012...
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    the new city news channel

    will this news channel be available on basic without the digital box?
  24. Russian finance chief ousted in power struggle

    (Reuters) - Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin was ousted on Monday in a bitter and public conflict with President Dmitry Medvedev that has exposed deep cracks in unity over Vladimir Putin's plan...
  25. Obama offers $3 trillion debt plan, tax hikes on rich
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