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    Quote Originally Posted by Zap View Post
    GTA = Greater Toronto Area
    That includes all of the suburbs and the total population of the GTA is around 4-5 million.

    Golden Horseshoe? I'm impressed, Atom. I thought that was really mostly a local term.
    Well it probably is, I've never heard of it. I got that from the opening post. lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Zap View Post
    It's the area along the shore of Lake Ontario from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

    I actually had the smileys custom made. Tried to put some of my own personality in them.
    So, yeah, maybe they are a bit evil.
    I see. I guess I just don't understand why people from that area will be the ones mostly posting. Ok, and about the smilies, they're fine, I'm just carrying on you know.......

    oh and I might have forgotten to click on the more link as well.

    Yeah shame on me, there's some good ones in there. It's just that one happy one, that one has never looked right to me.

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