Welcome to Toronto-Forums.COM!
How did you hear about us?
I was a member here long ago (years) I think its the same name forum, I do recognize some names, you obviously advanced considerably, the layout is much more pleaseing to the eye.

What are your interests?
Everything and how it does not relate to anything

How long have you been using the internet and forums?
since pre sinclaire ZX 80 day's (early 1970s 1K hard drive which included your ram and if you wanted to programme something it better be in hex or machine code unless you got 60 grand for a 500k hard drive) but as we all know programming advaced to the state it is at now ( no better operating system and I think win 7 is arround 5gig and still not as secure, but lets not get me started here) grr rable rable peas and carrots.

Having said all that the importand thing is "Hi all"


Thank you for taking part in this interview, iam29a. We appreciate your time and effort and we look forward to getting to know you.
Enjoy the forums!