Do you agree with these numbers?

HST: Jobs for our Families, Stability for our Economy
When the global recession hit, the province took action. Ontario's new tax system, including HST, has already delivered results — our economy is turning the corner and jobs are coming back for hardworking families.

Since HST was introduced a year ago:

74,000 new jobs have been created in Ontario.
Ontario's real GDP increased by 2.8 per cent in 2010, and RBC's recent forecast predicts 2011 will bring our highest growth rate since 2000.
The unemployment rate has declined to 7.9 per cent
Quoted from the Revenue ministry of Ontario website.

It started as a temporary tax increase and its now officially permanent. We as consumers used to pay 6% GST now it is 13% HST.
As a consumer and a business owner it hasn't helped me personally. HST might help big corporations but not consumers or small businesses.
If it wasn't enough to make you laugh please watch their promotional video here and let me know your thoughts