Will there be any basketball games on TV this fall, or even this winter? perhaps not.

By delaying the season by two weeks the NBA just lost millions and what's more, they're losing the respect of the fans too.

These are hard times in Canada and they're even harder in the USA. One of my friends writes a blog called The Blunt Bean Counter about money management and he's suggested that the NBA is proceeding with a fixed pie mentality where the outcome becomes a win or lose scenario. But its a billion dollar pie... my God there's got to be enough for everyone here or we all might as well pack it in.

The NBA Strike- How Not to Split a Billion Dollar Pie

Mark Goodfield writes, quoting Max Bazerman, a Straus Professor at the Harvard Business School, on the dangers of using the fixed pie model in negotiations,
....the fixed pie concept is an assumption by the negotiating parties that the resource pie is fixed and this assumption, is one of the most destructive assumptions parties bring to negotiations. [Max says,] “The mythical fixed pie mindset leads us to interpret most competitive situations as purely win-lose. For those who recognize opportunities to grow the pie of value through mutually beneficial tradeoffs between issues, situations can become win-win.”

I hope the players start their own league. God knows they have enough cash to do it.