Hi everybody,

My name is Eric and I am the founder and owner of a free internet Radio Station that has been online for just over a year. First let me get this out of the way, I am not spamming or promoting my side venture/hobby. What I am trying to do is to get some constructive critique from this community. What go me to develop this radio station in the first place was to give back to the community (Toronto) that gave so much to me and my family. The radio station has already many listeners but mostly from abroad and almost none that are locally situated. I am curious as to why it simply does not seem to get any traction from my fellow Canadians as I make sure we promote artists from this general area and have content that is very popular here in Canada. The station plays a mix of the newest pop,rock,dance and alternative music on the charts and is talk and commercial free 24/7. We also have programming dedicated to each of the styles we include in our broadcast. So here is my question to this community, what avenue is the best to use to spread the word here in the GTA for a totally free broadcast playing nothing but music being that this service is paid strictly from my pocket my costs have to remain extremely low. The name of my radio station is actually my username on these forums.

Have a fantastic end of the weekend everybody!

Eric McLaughlin.