I'm currently looking to hire a part time personal assistant. I am offering $25 per hour.

What I'm looking for
- A girl, between the ages of 19 and 35
- Confident and outgoing
- Able to run basic errands
- Live in Toronto or surrounding area

- Various simple errands ranging from getting my groceries, to photocopying, etc.
- Basic admin work, possibly replying to emails etc,

The Sexy part
I mentioned that I'm looking for a "sexy" personal assistant. Ideally I'd like someone who is comfortable with themselves and would be willing to wear sexy outfits while working. This is why I'm offering $25 per hour!

About me
- I'm a 24 year old internet entrepreneur who works from home
- I'm very kind, friendly etc.

I will need you to work roughly 10-15 hours per week.

If interested, please either send a PM or email me at thescene828@yahoo.com