Hello Everyone,

I am a professional dating coach flying into Toronto for a 5 month period (April 29th - October 1st) and will be offering a highly intense 20 week program (one free session) that is designed to significantly improve your skills with women. Over this period of time, you will learn how to approach a woman anywhere (mall, bars/clubs, coffee shop, grocery stores, book stores, the street, clothing stores, etc) with myself and on your own time. If selected, you will be required to read/watch some books/videos that I believe will accelerate this process for you (before and throughout the program).

This program is aimed at 23 - 40 year old men who are unhappy with their dating life and are willing to make a serious commitment to becoming the man within them that is attractive to women. I will not teach you how to avoid "rejection", and you will most likely not become a 'fearless alpha male' in this relatively short period of time (although you may, depending on where you are at and your commitment level). However, I can promise you will be at a place you didn't think was possible before the program began.

Send me an email at loveandlifestyleacademy@gmail.com if you want specific details on what you will be learning or have other questions about the program.