Just curious if anyone knows anything about who is responsible for this 18th century style printed billboard protest, left out front of 51 Division Police Station on Sunday March 18th 2012 - at noon. It deserves a look,

The person or persons went to a lot of trouble to print these signs and I just wondered if they were made by a student group, or a Civil Liberties group? or what the story is? Does anyone know. I got some grief taking these pictures.

The signs were gone an hour later so I reckon the police took them inside and will burn them in their incinerator. I blogged about the happening Toronto Cops React to Protest Billboards in front of 51 Division Police Station on my Canada blog. Honestly I don't know who did this, but I do feel their pain. The Police Chief should be elected, like Sheriffs in the USA. They'd be more accountable.