Hi, hope some kind person out there can help me. I'm trying to put together an album of memorabilia for my parents' 60 wedding anniversary, and would love to include a photo of St Jude's Church in Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, back in the 1940s or 50s. My parents married there in 1949 and spent their early married life in Toronto where they planned to stay, until ill health made my dad's family insist they return to the UK. It's a decision he's always regretted and an album on Toronto is the best present he could have. I've scoured the internet and located some great pictures, but of course St Jude's is now a splendid block of apartments and I can't find a single photo of it. The idea was to send them to Toronto for their 50th (but mum was poorly) and then their 60th (but mum's now got Alzheimers) so pictures will have to do instead.
Another photo which would be fabulous would be if anyone has a photo of the Diamond F Ranch, where my dad first worked when he came to Toronto before mum joined him. I think it was in the York district.
Anyway, if anyone does have a suitable photo they could email me, I'd be immensely grateful.
Many thanks, Yvonne