Crashed Ice is speed skating meets downhill skiing - it's weird and dangerous and sponsored by Red Bull. Twelve years after it started, the spectacle has become a real sport - professional athletes train for it all year long. The season kicks off in Niagara Falls just a few hundred meters away from the blvd wherein everybody usually lines up the watch the waterfalls - now they will be lining another attraction.

This is a photo from the training blog by Scott Croxall who is currently the third ranked competitor and who hopes to be ranked #1 in 2013 - but he has to beat his younger brother Kyle! No kidding.

On Saturday December 1st 2012 there will be 80,000 people crowded around this frozen track. And the aerial shots will probably look even better than the set-up in Quebec City did last winter, esp at night with the waterfalls all lit up in the background.
Will you be there? This is a free event You can watch from the sidewalk or any public place or pay ticket price to see the show from a beer garden somewhere nearby