I can't believe that there is no thread about art festivals or events in galleries etc. :O Or am I blind?
So what kind of events you attend to? Any recommendations on what to do in December or some hot tips for 2013? It doesn't have to be a big event.
Anyway, I was attending this festival for the first time: http://www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/
My friends took me there and at first I was really sceptical (maybe even grumpy a bit) about the artistic value of this modern art, but some "things" (I really don't know what term should I use to capture its meaning and maybe symbolisms) really exceeded my expectations. Many things were weird and crazy (and yes, I was making fun of most of the expositions), but there was also something special about them. You know, I had the feeling that I wouldn't come up with this stuff and yet, it felt somehow familiar and unique at the same time. I had a really funny moment: I thought for a second that a police car that was placed at the intersection of some streets was also part of the exhibition. There was a really shabby "road closed" sign, so it had that funny atmosphere. There's even photo of that police car and sign in this article. http://ellidavis.com/toronto-real-es...t-blanche-2012 So judge it by yourself.