FOR SALE: 24 insulated wall panels and 200 square feet of basement flooring,

Two dozen insulated wall panels for sale bought recently at the Rona, 401 and Islington.
Amdry insulated wall panels combine an environmentally friendly alternative to gypsum drywall.

Wall panels are laminated with expandable polystyrene (EPS) insulation to make a one step insulated wall panel. It provides a healthy, comfortable and warm basement living environment, significantly reduces humidity and temperature fluctuations. The wall panels are mold mildew and moisture resistant and provide thermal and sound insulation

200 square feet BASEMENT FLOORING
I have large quantities of basement flooring called 'Amdry', its actually sub flooring - the metal part goes face down on the concrete pad . I bought this material from Home Depo at Weston rd and 401.

YOU MUST PICK-UP - Parliament and Gerrard area of Toronto

I have no idea how much he spent on this or how much to charge so I say $2000 or OBO

PM here with an offer