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Thread: Celebrate bird friendly building properties in GTA by replying with pictures

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    Default Celebrate bird friendly building properties in GTA by replying with pictures

    Just this JUNE 2013 the World Wildlife Federation announced that two more Canadian birds are on the endangered species list. One is Barn Swallows which used to line telephone wires from pole to pole. The culprit is many things including a lack of bird friendly urban habitat and also systemic bird killing infrastructure, like windmills? and reflective glass buildings.

    I read this in the Ottawa Sun a few months back that this glass walkway is a bird killer , March 2013
    This sunny walkway is a bird killer in Ottawa City hall.

    There's a lack of awareness that the birds are in trouble.
    There are many dead birds on concrete sidewalks under glass office towers Toronto. Sanitary engineers employed by these glass office towers must dispose of at least one carcass a day. Bird strikes happen not because the birds want to get inside the buildings, or because they are crazy, but because they see a reflection of the open sky and so believe their path is clear. residential sunrooms can be equally hazardous. Newly developed technologies like Ornilux glass let birds see spider webs in window panes, even in strong sky reflections while humans see nothing on the inside and have to look hard to detect any difference on the outside. Bird friendly building treatments also include wire strips to prevent nesting in hazardous areas and maybe the site encourages nesting in safe and healthy areas. The place has proper lighting, and unusual angles that are friendly to flying birds.

    City of Toronto has published these guidelines as pdf


    Do you know or have pictures of Bird Friendly Buildings in the GTA?

    here is the ETFO building in downtown Toronto , ion Isabella St

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