Seriously... This Symposium is official Meet-Up group for sharing SEO and social media marketing secrets and the next iteration of this classic networking gathering is being held at El Catrin on 15 Oct 6pm-10pm. Anyone familiar with Toronto event spaces will know that El Catrin is in what used to the Boiler House restaurant in the Distillery District . Now it's a hot new Mexican theme restaurant.

Search and Social Rank Symposium in the vent space above El Catrin restaurant

I'm the moderator of this unique storytelling tech talk and I'm also proud to be among the organizers. This time we really kept the costs down and now for only $20 you get a tasty buffet dinner, AND a a frosty beer or wine drink inside the historic Day-of-the-Dead theme event space above El Catrin restaurant in The Distillery District. At 7pm five highly knowledgeable web personalities will take approx 15 minutes each to share tactics for getting traffic and authority for client websites. ...Its a night of ideas.

15 Oct 2013 - 6pm-10pm
El Catrin Restaurant in the Distillery District
18 Tank House Lane
Toronto, Ontario
Contact Toronto City Events at 416 579 3542 for press / media inquiries.

$20 ticket to Search and Social Rank Symposium 5

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These are the five speakers who will get approx 15 minutes each, and take questions later.
Rob Campbell will be speaking on something called Contest Journalism which explains how people can quickly and easily use 3rd party contest solutions to make their own e-stores and services websites more findable.
Nikki Fotheringham of Green Moxie, eco friendly blog to present how she came to be found on top of so many blog lists by telling green stories.
Jennifer Balogh will be mixing it up with her brief presentation on proper email marketing done in a new funky socialnewsletter campaigns are more effective than ever before.
Brian Rotsztein who is the president of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association and CEO of very white-hat and innovative Montreal based boutique internet marketing agency and author of some popular books found on will talking about how he uses YouTube and Vimeo to push URLs higher in search engines.
Geoff Whitlock runs the integrated SEO content marketing agency and as CEO he has many tactical secrets surrounding his paid, earned, owned media POEM. His presentation wont be that long though because I want to make sure everyone gets more than 1hr for networking and group discussion

Want to use PayPal ? This is a ticket listing i made for Search and Social Rank Symposium 5 on Yapsody which is a tool that exists at the intersection of search and social.