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Thread: Four (4) bottles of Arthritis in Dogs, Pain Care by Elimay Suppliments

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    Default Four bottles of Arthritis in Dogs Pain Care by Elimay Suppliments

    Arthritis is more common in large breeds of dogs than it is in humans. And more painful too.

    Read Teaching Children about Arthritis in Dogs and understand if the family's best friend is now having trouble walking and running, you might try my Elimay Supplements: Pain Care.

    I have four sixty capsule bottles , four for $90, or $25 each, OBO
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    If you've got a dog with arthritis read Fuel Ghoul about the chemistry of Elimay Supplements and understand the components of the pain remedy. Elimay Supplements should be considered a nutritional fortifier and not medicine.

    More info about arthritis in dogs on Elimay Website .
    PM me if interested,
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