If you're a blogger and or you own a business please do come JOIN US for a FREE Growth Hacking in Toronto Meet-Up Weds April 23rd 7pm UofT campus. This new age seminar is held at 234 College St., home of EventMobi whose very generously donating their meeting space for this happy assembly of technicians and marketers an SEO storytellers too.
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The free event is perfect for people, business owners and bloggers who want to learn clever new tech tips and see crafty solutions for acquiring new customers - growing a business bigger by leveraging new technology. If you are a blogger, photographer or discussion forum maven you can WIN prizes (free coffee) and have a fair chance at the grand prize, a Keurig coffee maker courtesy of a specialty ecommerce software solutions by Vigorate Digital which really is something of a growth hacking war-chest filled with all manner of cool tricks for gaining new users like group buying programs, custom coupons with pin codes that lead into smart loyalty programs, innovative online auction software systems and easy to install contests including photo and video contests - all manner of easy to use custom templates etc . Growth-hacking made easy - the business owner just has to supply the creative idea.
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What is Growth Hacking?
Growth Hacking is an extreme growth strategy that generally leverages technology or the emergence of a new device or procedure - its all about trying new 'short cuts'. Growth hackers often use resources that weren't available just a few years ago...
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The second part of the show is more of a tech symposium whereby webmasters in the room win prizes thanks to a generous office coffee solutions company that's also sponsoring the event. Don't miss this unique educational evening - it'll be like nothing you've ever experienced before or are likely to again. The deal is, every participant who is willing to play along, tweet, blog and do Facebook updates right there in the room is eligible to win bags of free coffee and somebody is going home with a office coffeemaker.