I find it amazing how dentists have become so much more technologically advanced than most family doctors, and even most hospitals. They have way more gadgets and specialized equipment than all other health specialists. Fuel Ghoul wrote about the science of cosmetic dentistry and used photos from Oakville dentist Cornerstone dental, Dr Anil Ralhan's clinic on Applebee line during a visit from Katie Lister.
This model hopes to get white teeth and bigger, fuller lips and better skin.

Eligible Magazine first ran this story about fashion model Katie Lister visiting Oakville dentist Dr Anil Ralhan, to get a full mouth makeover in mid August.

The story in Eligible Magazine was about how single people can make their mouths more attractive to potential mates.

Dr Anil Ralhan is a very skilled dental practitioner that specializes in many and varied cosmetic treatments. He runs one of the few dental clinics in Ontario that can make ceramic crowns in any shade of white right there on the premises. He also has the necessary machinery to do the latest teeth whitening procedures including laser whitening, sculpting, bonding, making bridges and installing cosmetic implants or every description . for fashion models and the rest of us . Here's Katie's sexy mouth on Pinterest.