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Thread: Forums - are they thing of the past?

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    Default Forums - are they thing of the past?

    I remember times when Forums were places for folks
    to go to get infoor simply to chit-chat about sweet
    nothings and now looks like people had lost interest
    to something that 30 years ago virtually was what
    now become FaceBook, Twitter and other today's
    Internet community places.

    What happened to DigitalPoint, V7N (Zap's favorite
    forum), webmaster-talk and dozens booming with
    activities places where some people made fortunes,
    some lost pants? Are we now in the beginning of the
    end of FaceBook, Twitter?

    No really Zap, what happened to V7N? Maybe after
    binge of banning it came to point there no one left
    to be banned? How is it possible that in 2018 only
    6 threads has been started in Political Forum and
    only 3 in Directories?

    I remember time when V7N political would have
    6+ new threads started every day and Directories
    would have hottest debates and now only 3 members online.
    It's shame.

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