Yep, get rid of the CRTC.

The entire CDN telecommunications industry needs a complete overhaul.

As for cell phones - I haven't had a CDN cell provider for years. I have a US family plan - 2 Blackberries (one has UNLIMITED data, both countries) and a flip phone. I have 700 talk minutes but I can increase my minutes (or decrease) at any time without penalty. I can make calls to and within Canada and the USA (except Hawaii and Alaska), and it's been years since I had to pay long distance and roaming charges. Coverage is excellent. It's rare to have a dropped call. I pay my bill online. I pay $189/mo for the plan. If I lived in the US and didn't make calls to Canada, that plan would cost about $120/month.

The downside to having a US plan is not being to update software. I can do it it I'm close to the US border or when I'm in the US.