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    If you ever fantasized about intense D/s or M/s experience which can fully satisfy your hidden cravings - this ad is for you.
    I am specifically looking for a submissive female, for whom giving pleasure is a pleasure itself, and who eventually wants to unconditionally submit to her Master. I want a girl, who is naturally submissive, and who truly needs a strong, decisive, confident, guiding hand in her life, giving it a structure and sense of existence.
    I am seriously interested in establishing something on-going, hopefully long-term, so I am not looking for just anybody. I want you to be attractive (slim is my personal preference), extremely loyal and faithful, intelligent, sensitive, fully realizing that you cannot live your life without this overwhelming, intense feeling of belonging to a strict but caring DOMinant Man, who won’t hesitate to use all available physical stimulants to sculpture your submissive nature in mutually desirable ways.
    I have no intention of compromising your existing, external priorities (i.e. professional carrier, family, friends, etc). On the contrary: I will always encourage you to be the best you can be in the vanilla word. When you are with me, however, your focus will dramatically change, and there won’t be anything which could stop you from being totally devoted to your Master, always eager to please Him in any way He desires; your purpose in life is to serve your Man, and you will always strive to exceed at this task. If everything goes well, you will become my sub, always expected to be eager to serve me completely, without any form of hesitation; you will be totally controlled (within common sense of course), dominated, and used in the most depraved ways, as I see fit, for my own entertainment and pleasure.
    If you truly think you can relate to the above - respond to this ad with your contact info, diligently explaining why you deserve this opportunity, and elaborate about your submissive tendencies. As a reward, you will get to know a mature (45 years young), experienced, good looking DOM, who is white, physically & mentally strong, and very fit.
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